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Webinar: Data Strategies – Revised

You’ve written a large suite of test cases over the last few months. But every time someone changes the data model or wipes the database, […]

Webinar: Selenium, Your Way to Team Synergy w/ Andrew Krug

Do you feel like your Selenium Test Automation Engineers are not in sync? Do you often wonder if they have the same goals? Do they […]

Duplicate Automated Tests

Several times in the last few weeks I’ve had a conversation about duplicate test cases. It’s a familiar conversation to me. The other person asks […]

Webinar: Testing mission critical systems in the cloud with TR Buskirk

What are the risks when mission critical systems are in the cloud? How do we test them? TR shares with us his experience and tips […]

Webinar: A Conversation with Greg Paskal

Join us for a conversation with Greg Paskal. Greg is a natural innovator, pioneering new approaches across the Quality Assurance landscape. Greg enjoys mentoring others […]

Creating Testing Ideas

Over the last couple years, Angie Jones and I have facilitated a “Dominos of Automation Workshop” (check out the fun we had here, here, here and […]

Webinar: The Art of Test Ideation (a mini-workshop)

Do you want to continuously improve as a tester or automation engineer? Over the last few years, Beaufort Fairmont founder, Paul Merrill, has noticed an […]

Webinar: How to choose an Automation Tool: CodedUI vs Selenium

I’ve spent a lot of time lately talking with teams about how to choose a tool for automation. It is a big deal for most […]

Define the Interface

Something I’ve been talking about at conferences as a part of several of my talks (See “From the Inside Out“, and “Technical Deep Dive: From […]