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From testing software to training your team, we’re your partner in launching successful applications

Our Services

We write test cases, build frameworks, educate teams, and consult with management to ensure your applications do what your Product Owners expect. We have years of experience partnering with Development and Test teams to ensure applications are behaving themselves.

The Benefits of Automated Testing

An investment in automated testing should pay off immediately. Waiting six months for someone to “create a framework” is foolish -- time invested in automation should pay off in weeks, not months.




Client Testimonials

Beaufort Fairmont really helped us understand what we need to do and how to begin achieving wins immediately, as well as determining a plan to get to where we want to be.

An International Handcraft Company

Scrum Master
Beaufort Fairmont was a key contributor to this project—we never would have met the deadline and reached these quality levels without their support.

Truven Health Analytics

Director of Product Development
It’s so nice to have real developers working on test automation.

A Risk Management and Capital Solutions Company

QA Manager
By the way, that was some serious .NET sorcery with respect to the test context.

Code Providence - Software Consulting Company

Principal Software Engineer
I’m more excited about our new automation than any other part of our project!

Mandiant - Cyber Security Firm

Director or Software Engineering

About Us

We’re ridding the world of bad code. We do it through automated testing and related services.

Our Automation Craftsmen

We study the craft of automated testing so that we can better partner with you to achieve your goals.

Delivering Value

We can’t automate quality into a system, but we can make feedback faster and more consistent. Supplement your workforce with an army of automation bots. Let us deliver the best solution for you.

Passion for Automated Testing

We love making machines do tedious, mind-numbing tasks. The benefit? Your people more deeply understand your business and deliver better solutions faster than your competitor.

Broad Field Experience

Healthcare, Point of Sale, Mobile, Smart Grid, Advertising, Cyber Security, and Risk Management are a few of the sectors in which our clients reap the rewards of our success.

Automated Testing Services Case Study

Here's how our testing services has helped out QA teams




Integration Tests


Times Return On Investment

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  • Get faster and more consistent feedback through automated testing

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