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  1. What is “Robot Framework”? What is RPA? Learn how to tie your Robot Framework tests directly into Python code. Join us 7/24/20!

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Watch: Contract Testing with PACT
Watch: How Game Theory Can Drive Cultural Change w Janna Loeffler
Watch: The Automation Firehose: Be Strategic and Tactical w Thomas Haver
Watch: DevOps in CI/CD Transformations w Janna Loeffler
Watch: An Automation Maturity Heuristic w Brendan Connolly
Watch: Qualitative Risk-based Test Reporting w Nancy Kelln
Watch: The Future of Test Leadership with Meaghan Thompson
Watch: The ROI for Test Automation – Are You Missing It?
Watch: The State of Test Automation in 2020 with Joe Colantonio
Watch: The 5 “Do Nots” of Testing with Melissa Tondi
Watch: How to Write Good Gherkin in BDD with Andy Knight
Watch: Why & How to Engage Your Team in Test Automation w Lisa Crispin
Watch: What is Refactoring and how do I use it in my automation?
Watch: CI/CD (part 2) w Carlos Kidman
Watch: What is BDD and How Do We Practice It? w Andy Knight
Watch Identifying Test Gaps
Watch Javascript and Testing w Marcus Myers
Watch Data Strategies (Revised)
Watch Selenium: Coding Your Way to Team Synergy w/ Andrew Krug
Watch Testing Mission Critical Systems in the cloud with TR Buskirk
Watch A Conversation with Greg Paskal
Watch Test Ideation (a mini-workshop)
Watch How to choose an Automation Tool: Coded UI vs Selenium
Watch Becoming a Test Automation Engineer: Intro to Python
Watch The Power of Intentions in Test Automation – a mini workshop
Watch Service Virtualization with Bas Dijkstra
Watch How to Become an Automation Engineer with Angie Jones
Watch The Myths of Why We Automate for Testing
Watch Applying the Pillars of Object Oriented Programming to Test Automation Design with Angie Jones
Watch What’s a Mock Object and How Do I Use It?
Watch Accelerating Your Delivery of Quality Software with Test Automation
Watch Making the Case for a Full-time Test Automation Engineer
Watch What’s an API and How Do I Test It?
Watch Demo – What’s a Unit Test?
Watch Demo – Continuous Integration with Jenkins
Watch 6 Helpful Practices of Test Automation Development
Watch Demo – Strategies for Test Automation Data Management
Watch Continuous Integration and How it Affects Testing
Watch The Public Relations of Automated Testing
Watch What tests should we automate first?
Watch Patterns in Managing Your Test Data – How to manage the data your tests depend on
Watch Technical Deep-dive “From the Inside Out”
Watch Syncing Up Agile Testing: “From the Inside Out”