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About Us

Paul Merrill

Paul Merrill is the owner and operator of Beaufort Fairmont. Paul is a leading influencer in the test automation space, sought after to train teams, consult with technical leaders, and speak on testing and test automation internationally.

After more than 2 decades of working in the software development space as a tester, software engineer, and leader, he consults, trains, and coaches with a perspective of one who has worked in the field.

He understands the perspectives and experiences of testers, software engineers, managers, and executives, because he’s been each.

Paul has been trusted by major companies across the US including Kohl’s, Blue Cross Blue Shield, IBM and more than 40 others.

Our team of consultants, recruiters, and trainers are focused on improving the lives of software professions whether it’s through improving software development processes, hiring the right person for the job, or up-skilling your team.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!