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Discover how we ensure your success with automated testing!

The Test Automation Experts

At Beaufort Fairmont, we have a passion for test automation. We eat, sleep, and breath it. We help our clients overcome challenges like speeding up software delivery, synchronizing development and testing in Agile environments, and automating regression tests.

Whether you need advice, leadership, or implementation of test automation, we’ve got you covered.




Let us recommend the proven practices right for you to help your organization past its testing and automation challenges. Reach your goals for faster delivery, trusted testing, and immediate feedback on code changes.




Whether it’s tools, methodologies, or other skills your group needs to learn to move automation forward, we can help. We offer on-site training with your people and our expert trainers who have practiced as automation engineers. Ramp up your skills to speed up your testing.


Dedicated Experts

Use our people to guide and support your test automation effort. We have some of the best test automation talent that we can share with you. Have our experts work remotely, embedded with your team to speed up the implementation of test automation in your group.The testing surface area is larger than it has ever has been. It’s growing faster than ever. Testers need great tools to alert them to what’s changed and what’s working incorrectly in systems under test.

We believe test automation assists testers.

Beaufort Fairmont is Paul Merrill and associates. We’re based in Cary, North Carolina, USA. We work with clients across the United States and in Canada to support, implement, and guide test automation and DevOps efforts.

If your values align with ours – honesty, integrity, respect, and building healthy relationships, call us today at 1.984.233.2313 to get started.