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Discover how we leverage automated testing to ensure your success

Test Automation Experts

Beaufort Fairmont is Paul Merrill and associates. We eat, sleep, and breath software test automation. We solve challenges like implementing test automation for DevOps cultures, syncing dev and testing in Agile environments, and assisting those who want to automate regression testing.

Whether you need advice, leadership, or delivery of test automation, we’ve got you covered.

We help teams succeed in three ways:

  1. Consulting – do you need a plan for test automation success?
  2. Training – what skills does your team need to succeed?
  3. Dedicated experts – do you need people with years of experience succeeding with test automation to support your effort?

The testing surface area is larger than it has ever has been. It’s growing faster than ever. Testers need great tools to alert them to what’s changed in systems under test and what’s working incorrectly.

We believe test automation assists testers.

If your values align with ours – honesty, integrity, respect, and building strong relationships, call us today to get started.