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Two Craftsmen

A homeowner wanted to have her hardwood floors redone. She had two different craftsmen come to her home to look over the job. One arrived […]

Making the Case for Full-time Test Automation Engineers

This event has ended. Find a recording here.

Test automation ROI: 5 ways to show the business benefits

This article originally posted on TechBeacon 6/20/17. It is reposted here with express written permission from TeachBeacon. Done well, test automation can return multiples of […]

Webinar – What’s an API and How Do I Test It?

This webinar is over. Find the recording here.

“No one knows what to do”

“No one knows what to do” Those who attend my talks know I ask folks to fill out a form with several questions on it. […]

Demo – What’s a Unit Test?

This event has ended. Find the recording here.

Differing Priorities for Continuous Integration

During a recent webinar on Continuous Integration (CI), I talked about the concerns of developers vs the concerns of testers in relation to CI (sign […]

What Tests Should We Automate First?

It is rare that I get the question, “what tests should we automate first?” More often, folks seem to already know what they want to test. […]