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We’re at STPCon in Dallas!


We’re at STPCon in Dallas this week! Why? At Beaufort Fairmont we believe in continual growth. We attend conferences to accomplish this. We learn new skills, methodologies, and approaches in order to help our customers in the area of testing and automated testing. We also love to give back to the testing community. That’s why we’re presenting a number of workshops and talks this week. Facilitating workshops and teaching technical sessions at events like this one fine-tunes our knowledge base and smooths the edges of automation and testing concepts we’ve acquired over years in the software industry.

STPCon is putting on a great show this week and we’re looking forward to the next 2 days.

If you’re in Dallas, say “hi”. Stop Paul Merrill and have a conversation about your testing automation and the problems your team is experiencing. He’d love to help.

Also if you’re at the conference, make sure to get in on the google cardboard giveaway!


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