Webinar: The Future of Test Leadership with Meaghan Thompson - 11/21/19 @ 1pm EST > Beaufort Fairmont

Future of Test Leadership

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We’ve heard the murmurs and rumblings at every conference for over a decade now. The testing world is anxious about its future – change is here.

What can we, as Leads and Managers, do to ensure our team is contributing all they can and should in this new world? How do we grow a team for the future? How do we prove our critical relevance to the future and success of the business?

Join Meaghan to explore three themes: Hiring for the Future, Coaching for the Future, and Reporting for the Future. When it comes to hiring for the future – the skills she no longer looks for, the hiring mistakes she has made in the past, plus a Twitter fail that changed her mind about “fit” and why “fit” is antithetical to the future of testing. In regards to coaching for the future – why she believes it’s important to encourage technical growth and explore resistance to it. Finally, reporting for the future – QA metrics that matter to the business, testing in the boardroom, and the role of company skeptic in a sea of “positive vibes only”.

Join us as Meaghan tackles these three themes in Test Leadership and helps us prepare for the future!


Meaghan specializes in setting up QA teams at small startups, seeking to do nearly impossible things on even more impossible budget. She lives in Calgary, Canada with her partner, Trevor and her 3 children. She is a wannabe world traveler and gave up trying to learn German this year, settling for learning to knit.

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