The Automation Firehose: Be Strategic and Tactical w Thomas Haver

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Thomas Haver

The widespread adoption of test automation has led to numerous challenges that range from development lifecycle integration to simple scripting strategy. Just because a scenario CAN be automated does not mean it SHOULD be automated.

Teams that adopt automation often rush to automate everything they can — the automation firehose. For those scenarios that should automated, every team must adopt an implementation plan to ensure value is derived from reliable automated test execution.

In this session, you will learn how to automate both strategically and tactically to maximize the benefits of automation. Entry criteria will be demonstrated for automation in the development lifecycle along with a set of checks to determine automation feasibility & ROI.

About Thomas Haver:

Thomas is presently serving as Manager for Validation and Delivery. He leads a team of testers, ops engineers, and production support analysts in the adoption of DevOps practices. Previously, he led the enterprise automation support of 73 applications at Huntington National Bank that encompassed testing, metrics & reporting, and data management. Thomas has a background in Physics & Biophysics, with over a decade spent in research science studying fluorescence spectroscopy and microscopy before joining IT.  

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