Webinar: The 5 "Do Nots" of Testing with Melissa Tondi - 8/20/19 @ 1pm EDT > Beaufort Fairmont

Testing 5 Do Nots

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Melissa Tondi

Join us as Melissa Tondi discusses some of the lessons learned in software testing – otherwise known as the “Do Nots”.

In this talk, we will discuss some of the lessons learned in software testing – otherwise known as the “Do Nots”. Melissa will present the top five items unhelpful to QA practices. These practices may have added value in the past, but now are stale or negatively impact the industry and team.

She will suggest different approaches and recommendations to help you either remove these practices (replacing them with more meaningful approaches) or modernize them to (ensure innovation is a driving force within your testing team).

Using Gherkin, teams write “Given-When-Then” scenarios in plain, understandable language. Writing Gherkin may seem easy, but writing good Gherkin is hard. In this webinar, we will cover the basics of Gherkin along with four tried-and-true techniques for writing good Gherkin. We will also see how Gherkin scenarios can be automated using popular BDD test frameworks.


Melissa Tondi has spent most of her career working within software testing teams. She is the founder of Denver Mobile and Quality (DMAQ), past president and board member of Software Quality Association of Denver (SQuAD), and Quality Engineering at E*TRADE where she assists teams to continuously improve the pursuit of quality software—from design to delivery and everything in between. Follow Melissa on Twitter @melissatondi and keep up with her latest on her LinkedIn page.

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