Webinar: How to Write Good Gherkin in BDD - 7/23/19 @ 1pm EDT > Beaufort Fairmont

How to Write Good Gherkin in BDD

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Andy “Automation Panda” Knight joins us again!

Does your team struggle to write good gherkin in BDD? Do you know good Gherkin when you see it, but struggle to describe what makes it ‘good’? Join us July 23 to continue our learning of BDD and Gherkin!

Using Gherkin, teams write “Given-When-Then” scenarios in plain, understandable language. Writing Gherkin may seem easy, but writing good Gherkin is hard. In this webinar, we will cover the basics of Gherkin along with four tried-and-true techniques for writing good Gherkin. We will also see how Gherkin scenarios can be automated using popular BDD test frameworks.

In previous webinars, we learned about pragmatic uses of Behavior-Driven Development. Now, we’ll take a deep dive into Gherkin, BDD’s most popular specification language.

You will come away from this webinar ready to write good behavior specs without making common mistakes!


Andy Knight is an engineer, consultant, and international speaker who loves all things software. He specializes in building robust test automation solutions from the ground up. He currently works at PrecisionLender in Cary, NC. Read his tech blog at AutomationPanda.com, and follow him on Twitter at @AutomationPanda.

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