Webinar: Game Theory Drives Culture Change w Janna Loeffler - 5/26/20 @ 1pm EDT > Beaufort Fairmont

How Game Theory Can Drive Cultural Change w Janna Loeffler

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Janna Loeffler - Game Theory and Culture

How do you inspire developers, testers, and teams to improve their testing practices and code quality? Have you ever wanted to provide greater visibility into your quality practices?

Join Janna as she talks about one way you can help inspire teams to not only improve testing and quality practices, but drive and own that change! 

She’ll talk about how gamifying your quality practices and modding your role as a tester can build a community and a culture of quality. In today’s age of agile development and DevOps, software development has truly become a social activity.

We need to stop thinking about quality practices as simply written standards that people must follow. We need to start getting creative and using fun to raise quality practices within your organization.

A little bit about Janna Loeffler: 
Janna Loeffler has more than fifteen years of software quality experience. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Working in a variety of software engineering roles, including development, testing, quality assurance, and DevOps, has provided her with a holistic view of software engineering. She has worked on a wide variety of products, such as industrial controls, embedded medical devices, websites, mobile applications, and theme park attractions. Janna has a passion for helping people build high-quality software more efficiently!Join us as Janna shares her knowledge in using game theory to drive cultural change and one up quality!

Original airing – on May 26th at 1:00pm EDT FREE webinar hosted by Beaufort Fairmont.

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