Webinar: DevTestOps – Testing in Agile and CI/CD w Carlos Kidman

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Is your company interested in DevOps? Are you struggling to figure out how testing fits in?

DevOps is making companies want to move faster, but few know how. Agile and CI/CD are the buzzwords we encounter while trying to implement DevOps. But what is the role of QA in this faster world? How can QA help in become Agile and implementing CI/CD?

Join guest host, Carlos Kidman, to answer these questions so you can move forward more quickly with DevOps!


Carlos Kidman is the QA Manager at Jane.com, but who would have thought that Magic the Gathering would introduce him to QA in the first place? Now QA is an integral part of his life. He started in QA Engineering, but quickly moved into Test Automation and grew to appreciate each player and role in the development game. He wants to share the love and joy he’s found with QA and believes that a rising tide raises all ships.

Carlos specializes in creating Test Automation Frameworks for UI, Integration, and Service tests, scaling tests and empowering developers and testers with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes, and works closely with Infrastructure and DevOps organizations.

He is currently a QA Manager at Jane.com and is very active in the local testing community. He is the founder of QA at the Point and QA Utah, a board member of DevOpsDays, and an instructor on TestAutomationU.com

Twitter: @CarlosKidman YouTube: Kidman Media Group

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