Webinar: DevOps in CI/CD Transformations w Janna Loeffler - 2/24/20 @ 1pm EST > Beaufort Fairmont

CI/CD in DevOps w Janna Loeffler

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More and more teams are going through DevOps transformations. Containers are everywhere! Build pipelines are expected to be green all the time. That leaves many testers trying to figure out how testing fits into all of this.

Join Janna as she walks through building your own build pipeline using YAML and Docker to test your automation and application before committing it to the main build.

Using GitLab.com, she’ll walk you through some of the basics of Git, Docker, and YAML to create build pipelines and run your test automation. These tools and techniques will help reduce debugging differences between your development environment and a production server.

Creating your own pipeline will allow you to optimize and debug your test automation without disrupting your team. Learn how test automation fits into build pipelines and how your team can be doing continuous testing!

A little bit about Janna Loeffler:

Janna Loeffler has more than fifteen years of software quality experience. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

Working in a variety of software engineering roles, including development, testing, quality assurance, and DevOps, has provided her with a holistic view of software engineering. She has worked on a wide variety of products, such as industrial controls, embedded medical devices, websites, mobile applications, and theme park attractions.

Janna has a passion for helping people build high-quality software more efficiently!

Join us as Janna shares her knowledge in DevOps!

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