Webinar: Contract Testing and PACT - 6/24/20 @ 1pm EDT > Beaufort Fairmont

Contract Testing with PACT

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Everyone has been using API testing and seeing the benefits from it over the last few years. Many of us are seeing now what the services layer of test automation has the ability to help with.

One aspect of service layer tests is ensuring contracts between systems, services, and subsystems are aligned and stay aligned. This is where contract-driven testing can help.

Join me at June 24th at 1:00pm EDT for a brief introduction to contract driven testing to see a demo of one of the javascript based contract testing tools called PACT. 

A little bit about Paul Merrill: 
Paul Merrill is Principal Software Engineer in Test and founder of Beaufort Fairmont Test Automation. A frequent writer on testing and test automation in top-notch testing publications and an international speaker, Paul works with clients every day to accelerate testing, mitigate risks, and increase the value of testing processes with test automation. An entrepreneur, tester, and software engineer, Paul has a unique perspective on launching and maintaining quality products. 

Watch the recording!

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  1. Hey, this looks great, thanks for running it. I live overseas and this timezone’s not ideal for me. Is there any chance the session will be recorded and able to be replayed later please?

    • Yes! All of these are recorded. Find them later at the same link as this one, or on our webinars page – beaufortfairmont.com/webinars

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