Advanced Topics in Robot Framework: Integrating with Python Functions

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Recently, I released my first Test Automation University course, Introduction to Robot Framework. Many of you who have taken the course asked for more. So I’ve decided to create a new lesson for Robot Framework and to provide it here, for free, in our webinars.

In this webinar, we’ll learn how and when to make tests interact directly with Python. Together, we’ll go through examples and you’ll have a chance to attempt to complete challenges on your own.

A foundational level of experience with Robot Framework is needed (hint: go take my course, it’s just one hour). Some experience with python is helpful, but not required.

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A little bit about Paul Merrill: 
Paul Merrill is CEO of Beaufort Fairmont Test Automation. A frequent writer on testing and test automation in top-notch testing publications and an international speaker, Paul works with clients every day to accelerate testing, mitigate risks, and increase the value of testing processes with test automation. An entrepreneur, tester, and software engineer, Paul has a unique perspective on launching and maintaining quality products. 

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