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We didn’t email you about COVID-19

I doubt you’re keeping track, but if you check your inbox you’ll notice we didn’t email you about COVID-19.

As I skimmed through the tsunami of email blasts a few weeks ago, I wondered, how do all these CEOs have time to pontificate? Shouldn’t they be saving people’s jobs? And since when did these companies care so much about me and my family?

One subject line in particular, from a hotel, read “Distance Can’t Stop Us from Caring”.

They’ll need to do more than assign “Paul” to the %name% variable in their email template to convince me they care.

Just One Blast?

I thought about sending an email blast to you. But what would I say? “As the leader of Beaufort Fairmont, I’m taking this time away from my family (who is just as scared as yours) to create a marketing touchpoint during this very scary time”?

Marketing and Sales email stats during COVID-19

I thought a lot about how to keep sales and marketing moving over the last few months. I even tried moving sales forward a bit. In the end, I figured I would trust my instincts — that you would appreciate a company who didn’t try to capitalize on this pandemic more than the ones who did.

It’s my hope first – that you all are healthy. And second, that my inaction means more to you than empty action would have.

Look, if we could write automation to take the virus away, we would. If we could consult, train, or staff augment it away, we would!

I’m sure many of the people at these companies who did send emails really care about other humans. But how many know you or can do something to help you?

Pushing a boulder up a hill

The fact is, we do care about you – our customers, our partners, our vendors, and our community. Each of you has helped in building Beaufort Fairmont to where it is – allowing me and the team we’ve built the opportunity to improve the daily lives of software professionals.

I think you know we care — I bet I could recognize more of you than 99% of the senders of email blasts you received in March and April!

We didn’t use this time for financial gain. We were not going to feebly attempt to placate your fears with discounts. We didn’t want to pretend like we could do something to help when we couldn’t.

The Best We Can Do

The best we can do for you is to offer our best wishes for you and your families.

Paul Merrill

I hope you respect our thinking and we look forward to serving you and the testing community again as we all come back online soon – stronger and better than before!

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