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TSQA 2020

This week, Beaufort Fairmont sponsored the volunteer-led regional conference TSQA2020 in Durham, NC.

I also facilitated a workshop called “DevDroneOps” and presented a session on ROI in Test Automation. A number of people have asked for the ROI slides, so here they are:

Find an earlier iteration of this ROI in Test Automation presentation on our webinars. Also, find my some of my thoughts about ROI in test automation here and more commentary here.

Ashley Hunsberger did a nice sketch of the ROI talk…


My new DevDroneOps workshop was super fun! Catch it again at STPCon in April, 2020. If you’d like your team to learn the concepts of DevOps in a fun, half-day, contact us for pricing. Check it out…


We were thrill to support the testing community by sponsoring the event. So nice to meet so many of you!

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