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The 5 Secrets for Successful Automated Testing

I mentioned I’d be re-posting some of the better blogs from the old site over the next few days of weeks.  Here’s the first of many.

I’ll be updating each of the secrets listed below with what our team has learned about each one over the last few years.  So make sure to check back for each of the 5 posts referenced below.  Enjoy!

Original Post:


In 2012, Beaufort Fairmont held a free seminar in Durham, NC called “5 Secrets to Automated Testing Success”. A number of local companies were in house to hear the talk. It was a huge success and I thank everyone for coming out.

But in order to hold to our mission at Beaufort Fairmont, “To rid the world of bad code” we can’t just keep secrets like these to ourselves.

Read the full version by downloading the 5-Secrets-to-Automated-Testing-Success.

I’ll be adding the short version here over the next week or so:

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions regarding these secrets, so feel free to contact us here. I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on automation, what your team does, and anything I can do to help your team be successful!



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