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3-Day On-site Selenium Training

Tired of reading online docs that look like they’re from 1999?

Having a hard time progressing with cut-and-paste Selenium Webdriver code from StackOverflow?

Want your team to learn Selenium the right way?

Tired of Options That Don’t Work?

You have options. You could take your best engineer off developing features for a few weeks to create a selenium course. Maybe they can deliver the learnings in a consumable way. Your engineers are certainly smart enough…


Or maybe you could have your people spend $30 on an online course. Getting questions answered may be a bit tough, not to mention learning how to apply the learnings to your environment and application!


We Have a Better Way

But why take the chance? Our people are experts in selenium, programming, and training. Our curriculum is tried and proven. Our experts have worked in and used selenium for years to automate web UI testing.


Programming Languages

  • C#
  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript



Your offices. We prefer face-to-face, in person training. If you need a location, we can help!



Managers, Directors, and VPs whose people want to learn Selenium and have a budget for training. US-based companies only (for now).



We customize the course for you and your application. Are your people already well-versed in selenium? Are they novices at a particular language? We work with you to customized the course so that it’s right for you and your people!



Day 1:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Coding with an IDE

Day 2:

  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Building scripts to drive the browser
  • Finding and using object locators
  • Proper waiting
  • Assertions

Day 3:

  • Page Objects
  • Project/Solution structure
  • Writing scripts for your application
  • Avoiding maintenance
  • Reporting



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