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On-site Gherkin Training

Want clear, direct help with learning Gherkin?

Do you feel like writing specifications is a foreign language?

Are you ready to have your intentions for a product proven to work right in front of you?

Tired of Options That Don’t Work?

You have options. You could take your best engineer off developing features for a few weeks to create a Gherkin course. Maybe they can deliver the learnings in a consumable way. Your people are certainly smart enough.

Or maybe you could have your people spend $30 on an online course. Getting questions answered may be a bit tough, not to mention learning how to apply the learnings to your environment and process!

We Have a Better Way

Our people are experts in BDD, Gherkin, and training. Our curriculum is tried and proven. Our experts have worked in and used Gherkin for years to make specifications executable.


  • Cucumber
  • Cucumber-jvm
  • Specflow
  • And more.


Your offices. We prefer face-to-face, in person training. If you need a location, we can help!


Business Analysts, Product Managers, Program/Project Managers, Product Owners, and Technical Leads. US-based companies only (for now).

No programming experience necessary.



Day 1:

  • How to convert User Stories to specifications,
  • How to avoid common problems in writing BDD specs,
  • How to use the business language to define desired functionality,
  • Learn the process of Behavior Driven Development (BDD),
  • Learn how the role of Product Owner changes with BDD,
  • Write specs to clearly communicate and execute functionality,
  • Increase traceability,
  • Increase accountability.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will learn to:
  • Interact with testers and developers with the BDD process,
  • Implement traceability,
  • Increase accountability,
  • Write specifications rather than requirements,
  • Use business language in writing specs,
  • Migrate User Stories to Gherkin,
  • Clarify what’s been created vs. what was intended,
  • Find and use existing step definitions,
  • Create a source of truth for specifications,
  • Avoid common problems in writing Gherkin.


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