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The Perfect Dev & Test Environment

Can you imagine? See how close your organization is…

The team barista brings you your favorite coffee as you arrive. You sit down to your desk where a handwritten thank-you note from the CEO is on your keyboard. It reads “I don’t have a clue what you do, but I appreciate it.”

Your standup starts on time. Everyone is brief and it only takes 5 minutes. The Product Owner stops by after, just to check-in and see if there’s anything you need from her. She tells you how happy she is that you only worked 40 hours last week and that your demo during sprint review was awesome.

Because she was so nice you decide to start your day by choosing a task from the sprint log that she’s prioritized. It is a defect found in production, which is exceedingly rare. After running the automated test cases that were attached to the defect report, (which QA created to expose the bug for you) you call the customer. You’re greeted by a cheerful voice on the other end that is thrilled to hear from you! He says he was expecting your call. The scrum master gave him a heads-up that this defect had made it into this iteration.

After a quick chat, it sounds like you understand the defect.

Since all developers on the team write unit tests, and since all features are spec’d out during the sprint, you know the defect must exercise a code path that is not covered OR a unit test or spec must be wrong.

It takes moments to find the defect and realize the omitted unit test that needs to be in place. You create it, make your changes, pass all the tests locally, push, and check the continuous integration environment.

Within a few hours all tests are passed, code is deployed to production, and you call the customer to check in. That was fast! And the customer is very pleased.

The manager comes by to pat you on the back and brings back the barista with another of your favorite drinks.

Can you imagine?  See how you’re doing and how you stack up to other organizations.

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