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Why Offer TDD in Java? – Reason #3

Why are we offering Test Driven Development in Java starting February 27? This week I’ll post 3 reasons (read Reason #1 & Reason #2)…

TDD in Java


You’ve been waiting on it all week. The final reason we’re offering TDD in Java. Here it is…

I love teaching TDD!


I first experienced Test Driven Development with a great mentor in in 2002. My first try at sharing the practice was shortly thereafter.

Starting in 2011 I developed this course and began offering it to our clients. It’s fun. It’s hands-on. It takes investment and effort from learners. I get to know people along the way and see the lightbulbs come on.

Apparently, those taking the class love it too. Check out these quotes:


“It was a truly wonderful experience.”


“I never thought of writing a failing test first and that has become a great help now.”


“Excellent course.”


Join us 2/27 through 3/27 for Test Driven Development in Java.

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