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Why Offer TDD in Java? – Reason #2

Why are we offering Test Driven Development in Java starting February 27? This week I’ll post 3 reasons (read Reason #1 & Reason #3)…

TDD in Java

Reason #2: Better development practices

Many times clients ask us to help developers learn Test Driven Development. As a software engineer for the better part of two decades and a tester, as well as one who’s taught and created many courses over the years, this is something I love to do. I use numerous texts, blogs and practices to shed light on the current state of TDD and technologies used in TDD and unit testing. Additionally, I like to expose developers to different methodologies and schools of thought within the TDD world. Like mockists vs classists, for instance.

Unit Testing

My experience is that unit testing and TDD are as key to the development of quality software as any other practice. At the moment, I can’t think of one more important. Perhaps ability to run a compiler or interpreter?.

Let there be no doubt that in most cases, unit testing alone is not enough to produce high-quality software. But let there also be no doubt that the incidence of high-quality software is significantly lower in shops that do not practice unit testing and TDD OR where there is a high usage of labor involved in producing the same level of quality.

Automate Testing

Further, again and again, our clients who adopt Test Driven Development in their developer teams find the ability to automate testing of their code at the Service and UI levels much easier.

Join me beginning February 27 to learn Test Driven Development in Java.

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