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Hiring Remotely…

Since 2014 we’ve been a remote company that hires remotely.

We’ve seen all the challenges and made all the mistakes related to hiring remotely. Now we lend our expertise to you through our recruiting services!

Have you run into these issues when hiring remotely? If so, we can help.


The remote interview process makes it easy for one person to sit down in a call or interview in place of someone else. Make sure you are hiring the person you’re talking with.
Personal details – There is a massive amount of information we gather from hiring in person. We don’t get that remotely. Missing it could be key to keeping your team moving forward or messing up the chemistry.

Self direction

How do you know this person will truly work hard for you remotely, rather than playing Tears of the Kingdom all day?

Location, location, location

Avoid miscommunications about where a person is going to be working from.

There are business, security, and regulatory constraints imposed on where employees and contractors may work from. Are you following them? Or are you costing your company more $$ with what you don’t know about employee work location?

You can google that

We have a few ways of knowing whether people truly know their craft or whether they’re just googling it. Do you?

Trust me, the last thing you want is your newly hired DBA googling “how to write a select statement” or your new QA hire binging “what is BDD”.

We have learned techniques to avoid these problems over the last 9+ years. We can help you avoid these and other issues when hiring remotely.

Let us hire for you

Whether you’re looking for a contract with our project employees or help with finding permanent FTEs, we take care of it.

Although we usually have a waiting list of clients, set up an appointment anyway. We’ll talk through your needs. You never know when we have bandwidth to help!

Set up a time to talk now.

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