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If you’re creating thousands of tests, you’re doing it wrong!

I recently overheard a colleague make this statement: “If you’re creating thousands of tests, you’re doing it wrong!” It was the wrong time and place to challenge him, so I have to assume the very best. I’ll give my friend the benefit of the doubt. I’ll assume that his experience […]

How to Get Better: Understand Roles

I’ve been writing lately about how to get better as an automation engineer (here and here). So far we’ve focused on advancing in a technical sense and specifically with becoming better at programming. There is much more to automated testing, however. Recently, I’ve been trying to write a post about […]

How to Get Better: Read

This is part 2 of a series in how to get better as an automated testing engineer. In part 1 we talked about working with people better than us. Today I want to talk about ingesting content, specifically books. Recently, on the podcast I co-host, we talked about getting better through […]

How to Get Better: Work with People Better Than You

This is my first in a series of posts about how to become a better Test Automation Engineer. I was very fortunate to get to work with some really great developers in the first 5 years of my career. Perhaps the most influential was in my third year as a […]

Becoming a Better Automated Testing Engineer

Recently, I listened to the podcast “Test Talks”. The guest mentioned the way in which automated testers get better is to become a better developer. The comment resonated with me. I also I mentioned this idea lately in episode 9 of my podcast Reflection as a Service. So as the […]

Getting Started with Automated Testing

Are you stuck at the starting line, surveying the landscape of automation products? Why not automate today? Are you convinced you’ll need months of development BEFORE writing test cases? It doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how to avoid wasting time and money implementing automated testing in your environment! […]

It’s OK for Test Environments to Differ from Production (more)

Last week I posted Why It’s OK to Test Differently Than in Production. I ended up writing that post twice, but feel like I came at it from 2 different angles. I wasn’t sure what to do with the second post, so I’m just throwing it out there for you […]

It’s OK for Test Environments to Differ from Production

In a recent post about the technology in a major automated testing success, I mentioned I could write an entire post about why it’s ok to test systems in configurations and environments different from production.  This is that post. I love integration tests.  Whether I’m hitting an API and checking […]

The Technology of a Recent Success

I want to share a success on one of our recent projects and how our journey may help your team.  I want to share as much as possible keeping in mind how much we respect our clients’ privacy here at Beaufort Fairmont. A little generic information, before we dive in… The application under test is an […]