Webinar: Data Strategies – Revised

You’ve written a large suite of test cases over the last few months. But every time someone changes the data model or wipes the database, you find yourself working extra hours to fix broken test cases! Test cases that were once consistent, reliable, and passing now look like a wasteland […]

Webinar: Selenium, Your Way to Team Synergy w/ Andrew Krug

Do you feel like your Selenium Test Automation Engineers are not in sync? Do you often wonder if they have the same goals? Do they sound like they’re from different planets when you hear them talking about the automation code base? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Join our special […]

Webinar: Testing mission critical systems in the cloud with TR Buskirk

What are the risks when mission critical systems are in the cloud? How do we test them? TR shares with us his experience and tips to harness the power and mitigate the risks of the cloud. Join us for what will be an excellent presentation! Bio: TR Buskirk is a […]

Webinar: A Conversation with Greg Paskal

Join us for a conversation with Greg Paskal. Greg is a natural innovator, pioneering new approaches across the Quality Assurance landscape. Greg enjoys mentoring others in sustainable approaches to manual and automated testing. Author of “Test Automation in the Real World” and countless technical publications, Greg can be heard on […]

Webinar: The Art of Test Ideation (a mini-workshop)

Do you want to continuously improve as a tester or automation engineer? Over the last few years, Beaufort Fairmont founder, Paul Merrill, has noticed an area for potential improvement for many testers: how we create ideas for tests (test cases). Paul believes that testing is both an analytical and a […]

Webinar: How to choose an Automation Tool: CodedUI vs Selenium

I’ve spent a lot of time lately talking with teams about how to choose a tool for automation. It is a big deal for most teams and it’s a choice that once made can be difficult to un-make. Join me, Paul Merrill, to learn how to choose a tool for […]

Webinar: Becoming a Test Automation Engineer: Python

James Jeffers will host this webinar intended for testers who want to become test automation engineers. During this webinar you’ll learn a few of the basics of the Python programming language, get resources, code examples, and advice about how best to learn the Python programming language. Get ready to dive […]

Webinar: The Power of Intentions for Test Automation

Successful test automation depends on our ability to decide on what to automate. Too many teams make this decision without understanding the impacts. Those who don’t waste time, money, and labor on expensive test automation that doesn’t meet business needs and doesn’t help testers. Join Paul Merrill to learn the […]

Webinar: Service Virtualization with Bas Dijkstra

When you want to perform integration and end-to-end testing on distributed software applications, managing test environments can be a daunting task. Throw the need for continuous testing in the mix, and test environments are likely to become a serious bottleneck. One possible strategy to deal with this is by adopting […]