CAST 2019 - Ultimate Swag Bag Giveaway > Beaufort Fairmont

CAST 2019 – Ultimate Swag Bag Giveaway

Update 12/19/2019: This event is over. The giveaway is done.

We’re so excited to be sponsoring CAST 2019 this year! We’re giving away an Ogio bag filled with great swag. You choose which bag. Bag includes:

  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and
  • tons of Beaufort Fairmont branded swag!

Sign up in the form below.

CAST is a great event. If you haven’t yet registered, make sure you do by early August (2019)!

Our own Paul Merrill will be speaking as well. Don’t miss it!

**The winner must be registered for CAST, register with the form below, and at the giveaway to win!


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