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Wellness for Everyone

Our benefits for project employees (a.k.a. “contractors”) are solid…


We take care of 50% of project employees’ health insurance premiums and 100% of project employee’s dental and vision coverage.


We provide a $25,000 life insurance policy for each project employee along with Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage.


Additionally, Beaufort Fairmont provides 401(k)s for all project employees matching each percent up to 3% and half a percent to one percent on then next two. In other words, if a project employee puts in 5% of their salary, we match with 4%.

Some restrictions apply and there is a waiting period for each of these benefits.

Our Mission

We’re proud to offer these benefits. They align with our mission. As a small business, our clients and our project employees matter.


We want to do what we can to help employees care for themselves. If project employees can’t work, our clients don’t move forward. These benefits help employees heal and get back to doing what they love quickly.

We want our people to have a good quality of life during their tenure with us. These benefits help them spend less time worrying about unexpected life events and more energy getting well!

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