Beaufort Fairmont

Webinar: What’s a Unit Test? (Demo)

What is a unit test? Do you wonder what people are talking about when the subject comes up? Are developers right when they tell you, “you don’t have to test that, we have unit tests for it”? Have you ever seen a unit test? We won’t tell your secret, if […]

Webinar: Continuous Integration with Jenkins (Demo)

Do you want to know how to set up continuous integration on Jenkins? Do you want to know what Jenkins is? Do you wonder sometimes what people are talking about when they mention Jenkins or Continuous Integration? Then this webinar is for you! We’ll demonstrate how to set up Jenkins […]

Webinar: 6 Helpful Practices for Better Test Automation

Many of the problems we face in Test Automation aren’t unique. They are problems we’ve seen before and will see again. Knowing these patterns helps us more quickly understand what will and won’t work in a given situation. This presentation will go over 6 patterns helpful to test automation development. […]

Founder Paul Merrill Featured on STPRadio

Ahead of STPCon 2017, Paul Merrill was featured on STPRadio. STPCon will be held in Phoenix, AZ March 14-17. If you’re in the area, make sure to find us and say “hi” to Paul. Listen to “STP Radio: The Dominoes of Automation! Angie Jones and Paul Merrill” on Spreaker.

Why Offer TDD in Java? – Reason #3

Why are we offering Test Driven Development in Java starting February 27? This week I’ll post 3 reasons (read Reason #1 & Reason #2)…   You’ve been waiting on it all week. The final reason we’re offering TDD in Java. Here it is… I love teaching TDD!   I first experienced Test […]

Why Offer TDD in Java? – Reason #2

Why are we offering Test Driven Development in Java starting February 27? This week I’ll post 3 reasons (read Reason #1 & Reason #3)… Reason #2: Better development practices Many times clients ask us to help developers learn Test Driven Development. As a software engineer for the better part of two decades […]

Webinar: Strategies for Test Automation Data Management (Demo)

In an earlier webinar entitled “Patterns in Managing Your Test Data – How to manage the data your tests depend on” we discussed strategies for managing data our test automation depends on. In this webinar we’ll go deep inside the code and learn how to implement a few of these […]

Webinar: Continuous Integration and How it Affects Testing

What is Continuous Integration (CI)? Why use it? How is testing affected by CI? Do you ever sit in meetings where developers talk about Continuous Integration and wonder what it is and why they’re talking about it? Then this webinar is for you! No understanding of CI necessary! We’ll talk […]

The Public Relations of Test Automation

Does anyone recognize the hard work your team does to get automated testing working? Do leaders in your organization understand the significance and benefits of what you’ve accomplished? Register now to learn more about how to make sure your contributions to the product in the form of automated testing are […]

What should I automate first?

Every team asks this question at some point. The answers to this question are as varied as the people asking it. But what are the tried and true methods for selecting which tests to automate first? The answer may surprise you! This event has ended. Find the recording here.