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October, 2015

Secret #5: Design Test Cases Effectively

Since originally posting this in 2012, I’ve re-thought some of these ideas. Yes, it is important that test cases are readable, but for whom should they be readable? If a tester without coding skills will be reading test scripts, tools like cucumber and robotframework are ideal. They allow for human-readable […]

Secret #4: Select the Proper Tool

This is from my series, The 5 Secrets to Automated Testing Success.  I wrote this series in 2012 and am posting them again for you here. The only thing I would add to this post, three years later, is that there are as many reasons for selecting a testing system […]

Secret #3: Practice TDD, ATDD, and CI

I put this series together back in 2012.  Based on our experience since 2012, I’d say you don’t have to practice TDD and ATDD to use automation successfully.  Likewise, I’d tell you if you’re not using CI as part of your test strategy in 2015 you’re missing the boat. Enjoy […]

Secret #2: Educate Your Testers

I originally posted this in 2012.  It should probably be called “Up Skill”. One thing I would highlight in this post if I were to revise it, is that Automated Testing IS a development effort.  The skills, knowledge, training, and expertise involved in a successful automated testing project are the same […]

Secret #1: Practice Exceptional Leadership

I originally posted this in 2012.  Since then, we’ve had tremendous success in implementing automated testing solutions – recently cresting with a 16X ROI in less than 6 months (trumping “Project B” below in both lower costs and higher output). Even in the case of the lowest performing projects since then, we’ve […]

The 5 Secrets for Successful Automated Testing

I mentioned I’d be re-posting some of the better blogs from the old site over the next few days of weeks.  Here’s the first of many. I’ll be updating each of the secrets listed below with what our team has learned about each one over the last few years.  So make sure […]

The Technology of a Recent Success

I want to share a success on one of our recent projects and how our journey may help your team.  I want to share as much as possible keeping in mind how much we respect our clients’ privacy here at Beaufort Fairmont. A little generic information, before we dive in… The application under test is an […]

New Beaufort Fairmont Site Is Up!

Our new site is up! Check it out: We’re excited to launch the new corporate site today and give you more information on the company and new ways of connecting with us. Please make sure to contact us if you see any issues with the site, and enjoy exploring […]