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Secret #2: Educate Your Testers

I originally posted this in 2012.  It should probably be called “Up Skill”. One thing I would highlight in this post if I were to […]

Secret #1: Practice Exceptional Leadership

I originally posted this in 2012.  Since then, we’ve had tremendous success in implementing automated testing solutions – recently cresting with a 16X ROI in […]

The 5 Secrets for Successful Automated Testing

I mentioned I’d be re-posting some of the better blogs from the old site over the next few days of weeks.  Here’s the first of many. […]

The Technology of a Recent Success

I want to share a success on one of our recent projects and how our journey may help your team.  I want to share as much as possible keeping in mind […]

New Beaufort Fairmont Site Is Up!

Our new site is up! Check it out: We’re excited to launch the new corporate site today and give you more information on the […]