Automated Testing

Automate your software testing with less effort. Learn to automate your test cases in 3 days!


Hands-on learning. Reinforced ideas. Group dialog. Collaborative learning.

This is 3 intense days of writing test cases and code to learn new techniques. Learn how to:

  • Write tests for today while designing your framework for tomorrow
  • Learn 6 open-source automation frameworks
  • Avoid common pitfalls of automation efforts
  • Create test cases, fixtures and frameworks by intention
  • Design your testing codebase properly
  • Learn techniques and patterns to access and verify sub-systems
  • Write test cases fast AND…
  • Maintain tests and code easily and with little effort

If you enjoy pressing the same set of buttons over and over each day, don’t read any further.

If you like letting your giant brain atrophy while you repeat the same series of steps for the twenty-hundredth time, don’t register.

But if you if you believe there is a better way… if you like the programming you’ve been exposed to so far… if you want to command your system under test and have it answer you on demand thousands of times a day… sign up now.



Discounts and Customized Courses
We offer discounts of 20% when you send 5 people or more to our training courses.

If you'd like information on hosting this or other courses at your location contact us. Also, if you're interested in tailoring the curriculum to your team's needs contact us.

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