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Webinar: Accelerating Delivery of Quality Software with Test Automation

3 August 2017

Paul MerrillSoftware testing continues to grow as the #1 bottleneck of the software delivery process. How do our current processes contribute to this? What is it about our management of software projects that introduces higher levels of risk rather than mitigating it, while stretching the construction phase? Is test automation required to speed delivery? If so, how?

Join us to learn how to break the bottleneck of software testing. Paul Merrill, Founder and Principle Software Engineer in Test at Beaufort Fairmont will share a clear picture of a problem shared across the industry. Learn how to accelerate your delivery with higher quality. Gain realistic expectations for testing and test automation. Learn the keys to succeeding with test automation while raising quality levels and accelerating delivery!

This webinar originally aired on August of 2017.

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